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We may be the number one aquarium fish store online and in our local area, but I started as a hobbyist just like you! I still enjoy the excitement of seeing new fry swimming about and I take pride in nursing a sick fish back to good health. Everyday I look forward to sitting in front of the tanks and gazing at the vibrant colors and unique features of every species in our fish room.

I've always had a love for animals, but there is something so peaceful and calming about having a fish tank. So much so that one tank turned into 10, then to 20 and before you know it SumFins Fishy opened it's doors to share the love of the hobby to other new and seasoned aquarists alike. 

We're glad YOU'RE here to join the community too! My family and I have loved meeting so many of you at expos, through social media and those that visited our fish room in person. We look forward to so many new experiences! Don't forget to join our email list so we can stay connected and pass along exciting content as well as updates on new inventory, promotions, resources and  more.

Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your fish community!

Brandon Card

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