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Shipping Policy

We ship all livestock out on Mondays and Tuesdays to avoid any unnecessary delays over the weekend. All boxes are insulated and heat packs are used depending on the current temperatures. We take care in how we package and ship our livestock to you. 


Shipping happy and healthy fish from Our fish room to Your tank! 

Apparel is shipped separately from live stock. Apparel shipping and handling cost is $6.00

Local Pick-Up

We offer Free local pickup in the Apex, NC (Beaver Creek area). By appointment only

Return & Exchange Policy

We source the highest quality livestock


SumFins Fishy provides the highest quality livestock. If it isn’t bred in our fish room, then we sourced it from one of many reputable  breeders. All of our livestock goes through a quarantine process to ensure they are healthy and ready for their new homes. 



Live Arrival Guaranteed.


SumFins Fishy guarantees live arrival on all of our livestock. In the rare occurrence that a fish arrives DOA,  we will require *THREE CLEAR PHOTOS* of the deceased animals in the unopened bag within *ONE HOUR* of delivery. Please be sure to inspect all fish carefully.


Note that some fish may appear to be dead but are just stressed from shipping.



Partial refunds will be made if fish arrive DOA and all parameters of our DOA policy are met. For example, if you order six fish, and one arrives dead, you take three clear photos and email them within one hour, you will be refunded in the amount of one fish. 


Any shipment routing changes on the part of the customer will result in voiding our live arrival guarantee.



It is normal for your fish to look pale and stressed after acclimating them to their new home. Please allow a few days for their colors to return to normal. 



We do not provide refunds for shipping and handling. Shipping Charges are non-refundable.



We will happily replace your fish in the case of a DOA incident. Shipping will be required to be paid by the buyer. 



We do not ship visibly sick fish.

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